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The Predictable Gains Masterclass
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Dave Etter

25+ years professional trader. Spent $100,000s of my own money developing the PrecisionFX system
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"Rivals the 10-20 million dollar professional trading algorithms but performs better!"

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"I am 76 yrs old and never thought I could do this... Dave is so patient and understanding...
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You'll Discover...
  • The Trading Conspiracy – how big banks and so-called trading 'gurus' are profiting from your losses & how to fight back!
  • How to ensure you protect your account with correct risk strategy
  • The Three Key shifts in mindset you need to make to start trading consistently and profitably: up to 90-95% accuracy!
  • See my proprietary system in action identify how institutions manipulate the market
  • How to profit whether markets go up or down!
WARNING: I will be tearing down 'accepted wisdom', ripping big banks a new one, and destroying so-called trading educators and 'experts', probably with a bit of cussing. If you are easily offended, and don't like having your beliefs challenged, then this is not the training for you!
This will be a 150 MAX attendee training with NO REPLAY. Make sure to register and put the date in your diary to avoid missing out!
Income Disclaimer: Our results may not be typical. We benefit from over 20+ years experience in trading and our students have been practicing for days, weeks, and sometimes months. We make no claim that you’ll be able to duplicate the results you may see immediately, or get any result at all for that matter. The average person gets zero results because they don't have patience, they don't put in the work, they don't journal their trades, and they expect 1,000,000% gains overnight!

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